• REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006
  • CoRAP (Community Rolling Action Plan)
  • Compliance audit
  • Representation to Authorities (e.g. ECHA, Board of Appeal)


  • BPR Regulation (EU) No 528/2012
  • Representation to authorities (e.g. ECHA)
  • Data sharing / Letter of Access
  • Competition law


  • Regulation 1107/2009
  • Representation to authorities (e.g. EFSA, BAuA, UBA, BVL)
  • Enforcement of authority deadlines
  • Advocacy

Consortium / Task Force Management

  • Consortium contracts
  • Escrow account services
  • Membership management
  • Voting / decision making procedures
  • Advocacy

Data Sharing Services

  • Letters of access (EU and non-EU)
  • Data evaluation
  • Data compensation audit
  • Arbitrations (for mandatory and voluntary data sharing)
  • Conception of settlement agreements

Contract Law Services

  •  Conception and review of contracts and general terms and conditions
  • Breach of contractual and legal requirements
  • Dispute resolution and arbitration

About Us

When it comes to the chemical industry, one phenomenon has become evident over the last decade: the harmonization of national regulatory frameworks on a global scale. This can be observed especially in the European Union (REACh, BPR et. al.) but also in other chemical hot-spots such as the Asian Markets (K-REACh, et. al.).

The need for legal support and representation corresponds with the increasingly complex regulatory processes. SCC LEGAL was founded to meet the upcoming challenges in the field of regulatory compliance. It emerged as an independent spin-off of SCC Scientific Consulting Company GmbH in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, an internationally recognized name in the chemical industry. In the course of the last years we have come to realize that the scientific and the legal issues more and more interlock. This calls for an extensive exchange between science and law.

On regulatory issues SCC LEGAL therefore cooperates closely with our scientific partner SCC GmbH to help navigate our clients through all regulatory processes. A close partnership within walking distance has proved to be a valuable asset in consulting our clients since it translates into a gain of regulatory efficiency and expertise.

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